Open Records Requests

Open Records Requests

Submit an Open Records Request Electronically (City of Stafford)

Download PDF City Open Records Request Form

Submit an Open Records Request Electronically (Stafford Police Department)

Download PDF Stafford Police Department Open Records Request Form

Texas law gives you the right to access certain government records. All government information is presumed to be available to the public. Several exceptions apply to law enforcement information. Governmental bodies should promptly release requested information that is not confidential by law, statutes, family or health codes, or information for which an exception to disclosure has been sought.

To request records under the Public Information Act, submit the request form to the City Secretary’s Office. Requests can be submitted by email, fax, mail or in person. Requests for public records from the Stafford Police Department can be submitted to them directly via email at, fax at 281-499-9744, or via mail or in person at 2702 South Main St., Stafford, TX 77477.

Fees for open records requests are determined by the Public Information Act. An estimate of cost will be provided before processing if the charge exceeds $40.

Rights of Requesters

You have the right to:

  • Prompt access to information that is not confidential or otherwise protected
  • Receive treatment equal to all other requesters, in accordance with ADA requirements
  • Receive certain kinds of information without exceptions, like the voting record of public officials or information related to receipt, expenditure or estimated need for public funds, and other items
  • Receive a statement of estimated charges, when charges exceed $40, in advance of work being started and opportunity to negotiate the request if charges are too high
  • Choose whether to inspect the requested information, receive copies or both
  • A waiver or reductions of charges if the government body determines that access to information primarily benefits the general public
  • Notice when the governmental body asks the Office of Attorney General for a ruling on whether the information can be withheld under one of the accepted exceptions
  • Lodge a complaint about charges for public records with the Texas Building and Procurement Commission and a complaint related to other possible violations with the county attorney, criminal district attorney, or the Office of the Attorney General

Further inquiries should be made to the Texas Attorney General's Office Here.