Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The form "Building Inspection Card" has the various Inspection Types for the final. Once all other applicable finals are signed, then the customer shall submit the online form for Request for Fire Marshal Inspection; which will be scheduled for a date and time for the Fire Marshal or his designee to come out to the business to inspect and sign off for the Final Fire Marshal Inspection. The Fire Marshal Inspection is the last inspection completed prior to the customer submitting the "Building Inspection Card" to the Building Permit Department for a Certificate of Occupancy. *** A Certificate of Occupancy is only issued AFTER there is an approval from the Inspector, Zoning Administrator, City Engineer and the Fire Marshal. ***

Go to the Forms page to access fire system applications.

Applicable application (see "Where can I find the various Fire System applications and what are the costs of each permit?" above). Plus:

  • (3) sets of signed, archive CD, and stamped plans. (1) set of plans is for Fire Marshal's office, (1) set for job site, and (1) set back to you.
  • Materials Data Sheets (cut sheets) for alarm devices or sprinklers, valves, and other listed equipment.
  • Battery calculations
  • Hydraulic calculations

They are processed as follows:

  • Submit 2 sets of plans to the Permits, Zoning & Code Enforcement Department (2610 S. Main, Stafford, TX, 77477) along with a completed Building Permit Application, staff will review the form for completeness and you will be assessed a permit and/ or plan check fee. A certificate of Occupancy is only issued AFTER there is an approval from, Building, Zoning, City Engineer and the Fire Marshal.
  • Documents are then processed and routed to the Fire Marshal’s Office located 2702 S. Main, Stafford, TX, 77477. (Processing and routing time is generally two working days)
  • Plans are reviewed in the order in which they are received (no exceptions).
  • Once the Fire Marshal's Office signs off on the plans, with any recommendations, corrections required and inspections needed will be notated on the plans. They will be returned to the Permits, Zoning & Code Enforcement Department.

No, because of licensing requirements for fire system contractors it is our policy that only the fire system contractors schedule on-line for their own inspections as they are required to be there.

Go to the "Procedures to Request Fire Marshal Inspection" form. Fill out the form completely and accurately. Online inspection requests received before 3:00 PM Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) will normally be within (2) business days. If you need to cancel your inspection, please call our main line at 281-403-5951. To reschedule please utilize our online inspection scheduling system.

No. Inspections are only scheduled via the on-line inspection system.

International Fire Code 2009 (IFC2009), as well as, local amendments.

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