The City of Stafford adopted a Zoning Ordinance in 1997 to regulate the use of land in the City of Stafford City limits. The Ordinance classifies uses of land into zones. Uses in established zones are required to follow allowances with regards to height, area, architecture, landscaping, signage among other categories. Zoning sets out to establish minimum standards for the use of the land and promotes the health, safety and general welfare of the city and its residents.

For additional information on the Zoning Ordinance, Click Here to go to the City's Code of Ordinances.

Zoning Map

Zoning Applications

Prior to the initiation of any new project, it is recommended that potential applicants, architects, developers and/or contractors schedule a pre-development meeting. These meetings are informal and will assist in the planning of the subject project and to be made aware of city codes that may well affect it. For additonal information on pre-development meetings, Click Here.

To schedule a pre development meeting call Chris Riggs at 281-261-3946 or email Chris at criggs@staffordtx.gov

Zoning Verification Letters

Zoning verification letters can be provided to verify the current zoning, indicate if a Specific Use Permit is in existence or verify in non-conforming use has been identified for the subject property. A Zoning Verification letter does not certify the conformance or non-conformance of existing structures. To request a zoning verification letter, Click Here.

Re-Zoning/Zoning Amendment/Specific Use Permit (SUP)

Re-Zoning, amendments and SUP processes have been established by the Zoning Ordinance to assist staff, the Zoning Administrator, Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council to review and determine the merits of each application. The applicant must first contact the Zoning Administrator's office and request a meeting to discuss the Zoning Ordinance and the proposed changes.

Click Here to view the Zoning Packet for additional information and to assist in ensuring all documents that are required are submitted correctly to prevent further delay in processing.

Submission Deadlines/Schedules

The public hearing process has many elements to it before the subject property’s proposed changes are presented at the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting. Notifications must be sent to surrounding residents and /or businesses within a radius of 200 feet. The Zoning Administrator’s office is responsible for this procedure and will record all responses. In order for timely preparation there are strict deadlines for application submittals.

All Zoning applications must be submitted in full with the appropriate fee no later than the 3rd Monday of the month prior to a scheduled Planning & Zoning Commission meeting. For additional information on Planning & Zoning Commission meetings and schedules, Click Here.