Crime Data

The Stafford Police Department makes its crime data available for review through CrimeReports allows the user to “Create Alerts” on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis based on the criteria you specify. CrimeReports also lets you, the citizen, be part of the investigation. CrimeReports allows the user to “Register a Camera”, with the local law enforcement agency. This allows our agency an additional investigative tool in the solving of crime in and around your neighborhood and business complex. We encourage our citizens and business members to take advantage of these tools offered through the Stafford Police Department and

Please visit the agency Crime Reports page for more information on crime occurring in and around your neighborhood or business. You may also register your security camera and partner with the police department to help deter, solve, and apprehend suspects involved in criminal activity throughout the City.

State Links

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement is the State governing body of law enforcement rules and regulations. TCOLE develops the required training that law enforcement personnel must acquire and maintain to be a police officer for the State of Texas. For more information on Licensing and Certification please visit the TCOLE website below.

State of Texas Racial Profiling – The State of Texas requires agencies to report their annual Racial Profiling Report to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. For more information and / or to view agency reports please visit the link below.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has many services available to residents. Please review the list below and visit the links for additional information.