If you would like to report a drainage concern


Many cities in the Houston region, including Stafford, design roadways to hold water during large rainfall events to keep flooding from vertical structures.

The Public Works Department continues to improve areas of the City that are subject to flooding. The Master Drainage Study identified the major watersheds and natural drainageways that encompass Stafford, the surrounding cities, and the existing conditions of the drainage areas. The Study shows the areas in the City that require impact fees and dedication of rights of way along channels. The Interactive GIS Map visually shows components of drainage city-wide.

Below is a list of City standards pertaining to designing drainage features in the City of Stafford. If you are working in Fort Bend County or Harris County there may be additional standards they would like you to refer to.

For additional information on the City of Stafford Master Drainage Study, contact the Public Works department.

  • Fort Bend County Drainage Criteria Manual, Latest Manual. Click Here.
  • City of Stafford, Texas Subdivision Ordinance, available at www.municode.com.
    • Chapter 26, Drainage and Flood Control. Click Here.
    • Chapter 82, Article III Design, Section 82-100 Drainage. Click Here.

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