Introduction for Candidates

To all municipal election candidates, The information provided here for the Candidates Packet is designed to acquaint you with the applicable regulations for the City of Stafford, as well as the legal requirements of the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) pertaining to contributions and expenditures. The Texas Secretary of State (TXSOS) is the Chief Election Officer for the State of Texas and their Elections Division provides assistance and advice on the proper conduct of elections. While there are a lot of forms and information included herein, please understand that this is not exhaustive of all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to municipal campaigns. It is the duty of the candidate/officeholder to become familiar with and follow the same.

The role of the City Secretary's Office is to conduct the local election by serving as Early Voting Clerk, Elections Administrator, and Custodian of Records. This office accepts and files all candidate applications, affidavits, and statements required of candidates notes the dates of filing thereon, and retains them in accordance with the Texas State Library Archive Commission's Retention Schedules. All these forms are considered public information and are open to inspection by the public. Please contact the proper authority for any questions or assistance you may need. If you are unsure who to contact, please reach out to our office and we will direct you to the correct authority.

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