Road crew working on ditch

If work is planned within the City of Stafford’s right of way, approval must be received from City Engineering. Engineered drawings need to be submitted and approved by Public Works, and permits and inspection fees must be paid prior to beginning construction. This includes all work associated with utilities, driveways, internal site circulation, and any improvements or modifications to a city roadway. This work may require a permit for construction. Refer to the Permits and Plan Review Process pages for additional information. As part of the Stormwater Management Program, storm sewer man-hole cover and grate specification sheets are required in plan sets if a storm sewer is being constructed. Below are the standards the City of Stafford complies with.

  • Stormwater Management Program requirement for Stormwater Manhole Cover (PDF) and Grate (PDF) to be included in plan sets.
  • City of Stafford Subdivision Ordinance Chapter 82 Article III Design located on Municode's webpage.
  • City of Stafford Subdivision Ordinance Chapter 78 Streets, Sidewalks, and Certain Other Public Places are located on Municode's webpage. Also the City of Stafford Sidewalk and Driveway Detail (PDF).
  • The Latest Texas Department of Transportation Access Management Manual. Click Here to access the July 2011 Manual.
  • The Latest American Association of State of Highway Transportation Officials Manual
  • The Latest Americans with Disabilities Act Accessible Design Manual. View the 2010 manual.
  • Utility Plan Review