Court Procedures

Courtroom Instructions

  • Weapons are not permitted in the Municipal Court Building or any other City Building.
  • Sit quietly in the courtroom whenever court is in session.
  • When addressing the Judge, stand a few feet back from the bench. Do not lean on the bench.
  • Food, drinks, or gum chewing is not allowed in the courtroom.
  • Smoking is prohibited by law in all areas of City buildings.
  • Wear suitable clothing to court. It is inappropriate to enter the courtroom unless you are wearing at least a T-shirt, pants, and shoes. T-shirts that carry offensive slogans or pictures are not allowed.
  • Hats should be removed before entering the courtroom.
  • Pagers and cell phones must be turned off before entering the courtroom.

Entering a Plea

  • Guilty

This plea means that you admit you committed the violation stated in the complaint.

  • Nolo Contendere and No Contest

This plea means that you do not wish to contest the charge(s) against you. You are allowing a Judge to enter a finding of guilty against you without your admitting any guilt.

  • Not Guilty

This plea means that you deny that you committed the violation stated on the complaint and that the State must prove its charges against you at a trial. If you received a citation with more than one charge, you will need to enter a plea for each charge. You are not required to enter the same plea for all charges. Each charge is separate.

After Entering a Plea

If your plea is "Guilty" or "No Contest", you may pay the amount of the fine by mail or in person on or before your court date, unless otherwise stated on the citation given to you by the police officer, or appear in court on your assigned court date to see a Judge and enter your plea (called Arraignment). If your plea is "Not Guilty" and there is a trial, you will lose the right to take the Driving Safety Course.

Zoom Court Proceedings Rules

Rules for Zoom Court Proceedings (PDF)